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Career and Spiritual Coach | Christy Williams Coaching

There are two things in this world that I love talking about with people more than anything else - careers and spirituality.

I used to think that these two interests were so different that I had to keep them very separate in my life. My passion for career-talk was my profession, and my passion for spirituality and intuition was kept strictly in my personal life. Not to mention somewhat hidden. You know, just in case someone wasn't comfortable with it, or in case they would judge me as being a little odd or "woo-woo".

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet

But then I decided that I was tired of keeping my spiritual side private. I LOVE talking about intuition and the signs and symbols that the Universe sends us in every moment. I love hearing stories about synchronicity and how they led someone to the exact right time and place for them to receive something they needed.

I got tired of keeping these two sides of me so separate. So I decided to take all of these messy, seemingly-unrelated pieces of me and mash them all together.

The only thing that excites me more than talking to someone about their dream job and creating the life of their dreams, is talking to someone about intuition, synchronicity, and getting in touch with their soul. So when I found myself talking to people about their dream careers and all of the signs that their soul was giving them about which direction they longed to go in, I realized that both of those discussions need to happen at the same time.

Because until you’re in touch with the deepest desires of your soul, you won’t really KNOW what you want your life to look like, and what kind of work you want to fit within that life.

Creating My Own Soul Work

Professionally, I spent the bulk of my years in corporate America in marketing and human resources, and it never felt exactly right for me. I didn't fit in a world filled with gray cubicles, as much as I tried to. When I received my coaches training from Coaches Training Institute in 2001, I began to see that there might be a different way.

I started to realize that I could create my own soul work. Work that I love to do, and that fits into the picture of my ideal life. Not only could I help people learn for themselves what I learned for myself, but I could do it on my own time and in my own way. I have always had a passion for connecting with people on a deep, meaningful level -- both through writing and one-on-one conversations that cut through the cocktail party chit-chat and right to the heart of the matter. Which is what I want to do with you now.

I am not a guru or an expert. Far from it, actually. I believe we teach what we most need to learn. In fact, I am admittedly a hot mess. BUT, I am off-the-charts experienced in hot messiness and can help you learn to listen to yourself while you're in the middle of the mess, and eventually find your way out of the rabbit hole. And into the life you want and deserve.

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