Don't Worry. I Got This. Trust Me.

What to do when life gets hard | Christy Williams Coaching

The Worry Patrol is on full alert now.

Especially my Worrier-In-Chief.

I have so many worriers in my life. (Don't we all?!) God love 'em for making us feel so loved and that they only want the absolute best for us. My parents are REALLY good at worrying, and as a mom, I totally get that.

For a while, I worried SO MUCH that I wasn't doing all I possibly could for my kids' education -- until we got them into a school that I knew in my heart was the right fit for them.

I also have a lot of friends who are worriers and are concerned about me and some of my posts on my Facebook page about what a hot mess I am because of this stupid, jerkface -- but oh-so-necessary -- mid-life crisis I'm going through. (Yay for flying our freak flags! Woo-hoo!)

But we've all heard that worrying is a useless emotion, right?! So how do we STOP worrying? It's sooooooooo haaaaaaaaaard! (Insert whiny voice here.)

In fact, I was just as guilty as all of the other worriers in my life, until someone reminded me that IT'S A CHOICE!

The truth is, it's a choice we ALL have.

And to make a different choice, all we have to do is take a deep breath, and...


First, trust in God. Trust in the Universe.

But more importantly...

TRUST in the person you are worried about.

That's why I love, love, LOVE this quote by Charles Glassman so much:

"When we worry about someone, we send them a secret message: I don't believe in you. When we worry about ourselves, we also send a message: I don't believe in me."

My kids would have been absolutely FINE had they NOT gotten into our new school that I love. I trust that they are smart kids and we would have all done what we needed to do to make sure they were challenged and happy, no matter where we lived or where they went to school.

I GET that now, and am holding onto that incredible lesson learned.

And me? I am embracing my hot messiness -- for REALZ. It has become a badge of honor for me. I have spent a lot of years focused on my children and now the Universe is shaking things up for me.

It's telling me, "HEY! PRINCESS! I know you're really comfy and your lovely, blessed-beyond-belief life. But your kids are otherwise engaged between the hours of 8 and 3:30 now and guess what?! You got SH!T to do. It's time for you to do some GROWING so you can GET. BUSY." And I know it's true. (It's SO true that I can't NOT be completely authentic and transparent with you all.)

I know that there are things I have put on the back burner for a long time -- spiritual development, coaching, writing...and now the Universe is letting me know that IT. IS. TIME.

So all the messiness? The spiritual awakening? The dark night of the soul? The questioning of EVERY SINGLE THING in my life?

It's all okay.

Because I trust me.

I trust that I will get messier before I get...un-messier.

I trust that I will do what I need to do to take care of myself.

And I trust that I will make mistakes. (Lots and lots and LOTS of mistakes.)

I trust that I will piss some people off.

I trust that a lot of people will think I'm a flake when I talk about chakras and gong baths and my third eye. And I trust that some of those people will choose not to stay in my life.

And I also trust that I am going to take responsibility for my happiness. I trust that I will show my kids by example that you are the only one who can make yourself happy.

And I trust that I will have a lot of unhappy and dark moments in between the happiness.

I trust that everything in my life -- and yours -- will work out for the highest good of all of us.

Because I trust the Universe.

And I trust me.

And you can, too.

Don't worry. I got this.